DalPro Gardsmat

On the islands of Hitra and Frøya, along the Norwegian coastline of Trøndelag, DalPro AS is a Labour Market Co-operative, helping people get back into the workforce through making locally sourced, award-winning products from wild sheep and deer. DalPro’s products are all based on the meat of wild sheep and deer, and both animals are bred and slaughtered right there at their own farms, guaranteeing that every step in the process of the animals’ lives is cared for properly. The animals roam the hills and fields of the area freely all year long. This means that they are exposed to the Trøndelag weather and climate, as well as the plants and the geography of the area. The lifestyle and diet of the animals result in the meat having a slightly different taste to what people are used to; the herbs and plants they eat add extra flavour to the meat, making the taste wilder.

Through all their hard work and dedication, DalPro has figured out a winning formula, quite literally. Over the years,
DalPro has received multiple awards all over the country,