Hitra Gardsmat

Hitra Gardsmat is located on a small island in the archipelago of Hitra called Helgebostad Island. Here they produce organic cheese. Animal welfare is something they have a strong focus on, all animals must have a good life.

At Hitra Gårdsmat, the cows have their own beds they lie in, brushes that scratch their backs, but best of all, a lot of human contact. The animals can go out all year round if the weather allows it and the animals want it. The heifers graze all over the island during the season. Happy cows- a beautiful sight.

They process the milk into cheese, and have nine different cheeses.

The cheeses have received many awards, Hitra blue won this year’s dairy product during the Trøndelag food festival in 2021, extra stored Grotte cheese this year’s organic product during the Food Festival in 2020. They won three World Cup golds in 2018 for the cheses Ung Grotte (young cave cheese), Grotteost (cave cheese) and Ekstra stored Grotteost (extra stored cave cheese). NM Golds has ther been a lot of.

At Hitra Gårdsmat you can also come for cheese tasting, lunch or dinner, just order!