Garnviks Røkeri

Garnviks Røkeri is a small company from Frøya that produces smoked salmon and trout of high quality. Here you get real ingredients with exquisite taste, quality guarantee and a combination of new and old food knowledge.

It all started with Vidar Garnvik being tired of looking for good smoked salmon. He decided to make products that tasted good and at the same time were smoked with real smoke. There was a lot of testing before the final recipe was in place.

Both salmon and trout undergo a strict quality control before production. The fish is smoked on their self-composed tile mixture. This gives a unique and good smoky taste, which is their hallmark!

They work every day with a focus on quality and requirements for raw materials, and want to grow as a supplier of seafood products in the knowledge that they keep and what they promise the customers. They are constantly trying to develop products with special taste and have since their inception in 2014 made themselves noticed. Both during Trøndelag Food Festival for several years, NM, and that they have participated in the final of Det Norske Måltid 3 times. In 2021, they were named winners in the category “Seafood of the year processed” during the final of Det Norske Måltid. This is something they are very proud of. Several of their products have also received the specialty label for unique taste of Matmerk.