Travel to The Islands Hitra and Frøya

The island kingdom of Hitra and Frøya is located on the coast of Trøndelag. The nearest airport is Trondheim – Værnes. This is 2 hours and 8 minutes by car to Fillan, which is the center of Hitra, and 2 hours and 31 minutes to Sistranda, which is the center of Frøya. This is a road with many tunnels and few alternative routes. So it may be a good idea to calculate extra time if you have to catch a flight.


If you are going on a local food tour, we recommend that you have your own car. This is the best way to experience the islands. If you take the road here, you will follow Lakseveien Fv714 (the salmon road). Hitra can be reached from the mainland with a tunnel under the sea and Frøya with a tunnel from Hitra.

Public transport

You can take both an express boat and a bus to Hitra. The timetable for both can be found at

Of our producers, you can only visit DalPro by bus, as it is located along the main road between Hitra and Frøya.